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Kitchen Designs

Feeling fed up with your old-fashioned kitchen? Want to make it more functional and spacious? If so, the modular kitchens from Living Interiors are just what you need. As the leading providers of modular kitchens in Lucknow, we’re here to enhance your culinary experiences.

We have a broad range of modular kitchen designs that will match your home’s aesthetic and your personal taste. But our offerings don’t stop at kitchens. We also have a variety of other customizable products that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Our dedicated team at Living Interiors (Lucknow’s best interior designer) is committed to delivering top-notch modular kitchens and other interior design solutions to elevate your lifestyle. Choose us for the best in Lucknow interior design services, and let us transform your living space.

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We’ve got a huge variety of designs to inspire you. These include layouts for fitted kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and built-in closets, and much more.


In many Indian homes, a wooden temple or mandir holds a special place. But with evolving lifestyles, constructing a dedicated mandir at home has become less common. Instead, consider a compact, easy-to-place mandir that takes up minimal space and can even be mounted on the wall like an altar.  (Lucknow’s best interior designer)


A meticulously designed home office can serve as a catalyst for creativity and optimize your productivity. Whether your preference leans towards a minimalist or a modern aesthetic, we at Living Interiors in Lucknow are equipped to create the workspace you envision. Explore our diverse range of home office designs for inspiration. Choose us as your professional interior design partner in Lucknow 

(Lucknow’s best interior designer)


Every Space Count
Every Space Count

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- Our role as a manufacturer involves using high-quality raw materials for producing sturdy kitchen shutters.

Interior Space

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Modular Kitchen

- All our modular kitchen components are moisture-proof and termite resistant, ensuring longevity.


we have been manufacturing, designing, and executing top-notch quality

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Thanks to LIVING INTERIORS & MODULAR KITCHEN (Lucknow best interior designers) for providing Excellent Quality and timely execution, After sale service and true to their commitment. KEEP SHINING
_Sachin Agarwal
Great experience! Quality team with quality products with stainless steel concept, their kitchen and all products are classic and style with long life quality
Gargi Sharma
Awesome! I am delighted in the terms of beautiful low maintenance and long life. Cheers!! Thanks Live interior and modular kitchens.
Swaran Singh